Security Systems


Tri-Electronics provides sales, service and installation design for the very latest in IP based systems as well as tried and true embedded systems for cameras, access control, outdoor perimeter protection, interior intrusion detection, and integration between all as well as other systems such as fire and communication.

Concept provides consulting and support to engineers, building owners, contractors, and developers for the purpose of creating applications, layouts, specifications, and installation drawings for new construction and retrofit/replacement.

Applications include hospitals, schools, campuses, office buildings, malls, process facilities, governmental institutions, correctional facilities and all other closed, occupied facilities as well as open and unoccupied structures.

In addition to furnishing sales, service, installation and support, we offer full service contracts and inspections.
State of the art security systems. Integrating video, access, intrusion and fire into one seamless operation!

Service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by factory trained and licensed, approved technicians.